A new nation state
on the cloud

Humans all around the world, from DAO contributors to freelancers, rely on Nation3 to secure their legal agreements on the internet.

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A nation is just a group of people sharing a cultural, ethnic, or historical identity.


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The establishment of nations allowed humans to organize at scale, advancing our civilization.

Yet traditional nation states are struggling to adapt to the post-industrial era, exposing humankind to existential risks.

Climate change

Political instability

Draconian taxation

Nuclear proliferation

Pandemic mismanagement

Disinformation and fake news

Unsustainable pension system

Obsolete education system

Neverending inflation

And more...

Thanks to the internet,
we can do better.

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People feel like they belong more to internet communities and DAOs, rather than massive nation states.

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Yet traditionally, every nation has been tied to a piece of land.

The internet is the world’s fastest growing economy.
Why not an internet-native nation?

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Nation3 is a nation state on the internet making human potential flourish.

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Governed by its citizens
Bound to its own constitution
Safeguarded by its own courts
And building the internet's legal system

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Introducing Agreements.
The internet's legal system.

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You can create and enter agreements with anyone in the world in seconds.
Easy as a handshake.

Create your first agreement now,
and leave bureaucracy behind