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Most community common questions

How can I become a Nation3 Citizen?
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Becoming a Nation3 Citizen is a simple, two-step process.

1. Acquire $NATION: You first need to gather some $NATION. This can be accomplished in two ways - by purchasing it directly here or by successfully completing Dework tasks.

2. Lockup your $NATION: Once you’ve secured enough $NATION, you will ned to ‘lock’ them as $veNATION. You’ll need at least 2 $veNATION to obtain your Genesis Citizen Passport.

This entire process is designed to ensure every citizen has a genuine, vested interest - or 'skin-in-the-state'. Welcome to Nation3!

How can I get more involved in Nation3?
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The easiest way to get involved in Nation3 is to simply hop on our discord and start engaging with the community. The next step would be buying some $NATION and locking it as $veNATION to get access to the token-gated channels on our server. You can get verified and gain access to our Dework tasks with as little as 0.1 $veNATION.


How can I be a Judge for the Supreme Court?
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Judges are elected every 6 months, based on the criteria specified in the forum. Some of the main requirements involve being a certified legal professional, which implies being doxxed, and also being proficient in English since that’s the language used in Nation3. Those interested in applying to be a Judge have to write a post on the forum with their legal qualifications and relevant experience once submissions for candidacy are open.