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Nation3 brand

Pure. Inspirational. Balanced. That's Nation3.

At Nation3, our mission is to create a nation state on the internet making human potential flourish.

Our brand embodies this essence, meticulously crafted with the utmost care. It's more than just a logo; it's our soul, an emblem of our ethos. It shines bright like a guiding star, representing our mission, vision, and identity. It's our flag that proudly waves, symbolizing the spirit of Nation3.

Our logo is a crucial symbol that represents Nation3, making it memorable and easily identifiable to the world.

1 - Logotype construction

2 - Logotype safe space

Download logotype assets

Full logo

Full logo

Full logo (dark)

Full logo (white)

The Orb
The Orb is a highly flexible symbol that represents the essence of Nation3 and what we stand for. Its distinctive design and signature colors make it instantly recognizable and is used in various contexts around the Nation3 visual ecosystem.

1 - Orb construction

2 - Orb safe space

Download orb assets

Full orb

Full orb

Full orb (dark)

Full orb (white)

Typography is an essential part of our brand identity, and we have chosen two typefaces for our brand ecosystem: "Bossa" for headlines and titles, which adds personality, and "Inter" for body text, which enhances legibility. This combination creates a consistent visual identity and effective brand messaging.

1 - Bossa

Bossa - Light
Bossa - Normal
Bossa - Medium
Bossa - Bold
Bossa - Black

2 - Inter

Inter - Light
Inter - Normal
Inter - Medium
Inter - SemiBold
Inter - Bold

Color is vital to our brand, reflecting our values of being eco-friendly and sustainable. Our color palette, inspired by nature's beauty, is applied consistently across all branding materials. It not only reflects our identity but also connects with our target audience.

Color concept

1 - Main gradients

Main gradient
HEX: #69c9ff - #88f1bb
Secondary gradient
HEX: #e9f8ff - #eafff5

2 - Main colors

Blue sky
HEX: #69c9ff
H 202 S 59 B 100
Nature green
HEX: #88f1bb
H 149 S 44 B 95

4 - Neutral colors

Blue sky
HEX: #224059
Blue sky
HEX: #285070
Blue sky
HEX: #426685
Nature green
HEX: #7395b2
Blue sky
HEX: #acc5da
Blue sky
HEX: #e2eff9
Blue sky
HEX: #f5fbff
Nature green

Elements - the Nation3 flag
Although our vision is to create a cloud nation, we believe it's crucial to have a physical representation of Nation3. Therefore, we have designed a flag that embodies our values and ideals. This flag is a powerful symbol that not only represents our brand but also connects with our citizens, invoking a sense of pride and ownership in our community.

1 - Flag element

2 - Flag composition

Download flag assets

Full flag

Flag mockup - 1

Nation3 Stamp

2 - Visual definition

Creativity is a crucial part of Nation3's visual ecosystem. Our visual elements must be practical and sophisticated, while their meaning will be based on the active principles of progress and efficiency, taking today's society to the next level.

This visual process explores our approach to creating elements in a visually progressive manner. A clear example is the creation of our orb using basic geometry and lines. Creation is the beginning of any element, followed by evolution and process. This will be visually translated throughout our visual ecosystem.

This are a few examples of header graphics, creating different abstract representations.

Nation3 Icon

We are always striving to bring a fantastic brand to Nation3.
If you have any feedback or brand requirements, you can contact us through our Discord server.